Schülerprogramm anlässlich der Jahresversammlung 2016 TeilnehmerInnen des Schülerprogramms 2016 Foto: Markus Scholz

Student programme on occasion of the Annual Assembly 2016

On the occasion of the Leopldina’s 2016 annual assembly on the topic of “Sciences in Intercultural Dialogue”, the Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends is once again funding the student programme accompanying the event this year. Participants of the student programme 2016, Photo: Markus Scholz

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Ausstellungseröffnung 2016

A treasure for public use

The exhibition “A Treasure for Public Benefit – Insights into the Collections of the Leopoldina”  shows collected works from the early years of the Leopoldina, classics of the history of science as well as unique biographical testimonies of Academy members and presents current research projects in the history of science. Photos: Markus Scholz

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Freundeskreis unterstützt Preis für junge Wissenschaftler 2015 Prof. Dr. Jörg Hacker und Preisträger Pascal Beese-Vasbender Foto: Christof Rieken

Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends supports Prize for Young Scientists

During the ceremonial opening of its annual assembly  on Friday the 18th of September 2015 in Halle (Saale), the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina awarded the Leopoldina Prize for Young Scientists to Pascal Beese-Vasbender, Düsseldorf, and Bart Kranstauber, Konstanz, for their outstanding research achievements in the fields of marine microbiology and zoology. Prof. Dr Jörg

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Ausstellungskatalog zur Medaillengeschichte 2015 Blick in die Ausstellung Foto: Markus Scholz

Exhibition catalogue on the history of medals

The Leopoldina has a long tradition of donating and awarding medals, dating back to the 18th century. View of the exhibition Photo: Markus Scholz Leopoldina President Prof. Hacker addressing the opening of the exhibition Photo: Markus Scholz

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Umbau des Leopoldina Gebäudes 2015 Architektenentwurf des Foyers

Remodelling of the Leopoldina building in the Emil-Abderhalden Street

As the future central focal point of the building ensemble August-Bebel-/ Emil-Abderhalden-Straße, the historical location of the Leopoldina in Halle, the Leopoldina Centre for Science Research will find its new home here. In addition, a combined lecture and reading room will be set up and the ground floor will be equipped with a visitors’ cloakroom

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Freundeskreis unterstützt Fotorestaurierungsprojekt 2015 Bilder eine Exkursion nach Podolien (Ukraine/Polen) 1936 Foto: Leopoldina-Archiv

Circle of Friends supports photo restoration project

The Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends reg. ass. supports the restoration of about 770 photographs, mainly from the 1920s. Pictures of an excursion to Podolia (Ukraine/Poland) 1936 Photo: Leopoldina Archives Pictures of the Lapland expedition from 1937 Photo: Leopoldina Archive

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Leopoldina-Archiv erwirbt wertvolles Briefkonvolut 2014 Fotos der Briefe aus dem Leopoldina-Archiv Fotos: Leopoldina-Archiv

Leopoldina Archive acquires valuable collection of letters

In terms of content, these are essentially letters to the presidents of the Leopoldina in which the newly elected members first thanked them for the high honour of admission and submitted a curriculum vitae or a list of publications. Due to the binding and the fact that these are exclusively letters from senders with the

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Leopoldina-Symposium 2014 Prof. Rüdiger von Bruch Foto: Markus Scholz

Leopoldina Symposium “War of the Scholars”

The Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends reg. ass. has supported a pilot project based at the Leopoldina Centre for Science Reseach  with a substantial amount (duration: 1st  of April to 30th of September 2014). Prof. Rüdiger von Bruch Prof. Gunnar Berg, Vice-President of the Leopoldina, Prof. Ruth Arnon, President of the Israeli Academy of Sciences,

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Schülerprogramm 2014 in Rostock Gruppenbild vor der Universität Rostock - Foto: Markus Scholz

Student programme on the occasion of the Annual Assembly 2014 in Rostock

From the 19th to the 21st of September, the Leopoldina – Annual Assembly 2014 took place in Rostock with a wealth of lectures. Group photo in front of the University Rostock Photo: Markus Scholz View of the audience Photo: Markus Scholz Questions from the audience to the Leopoldina members Photo: Markus Scholz

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neue Broschüre der Leopoldina 2014

The Leopoldina and her art pieces

The new brochure summarises the history of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and its main building as well as its recent renovation. Its focus is on the description of the works of art located in and around the building. Here you can download the brochure “The Main Building of the National Academy of Sciences

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