Purpose of the Association

The purpose of this association is to provide moral and material support for both science and scientific research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina reg. ass. (hereinafter referred to as “Leopoldina”). This includes, for example, supporting the following activities of the Leopoldina.

  • Planning and organising scientific conferences
  • Publishing scientific results
  • Supporting junior scientists
  • Awarding prizes honouring scientific achievements
  • Promoting the involvement of German science in international co-operation
  • Representing the Leopoldina scientists at international events and in international committees
  • Scientific processing of topics that are of relevance to society
  • Monitoring scientific developments

The association assists the Leopoldina in its tasks and activities by providing financial or other material resources as well as work forces. Furthermore it is involved in the process of choosing and formulating socially relevant topics alongside the Leopoldina.