Ausstellung 2013 Globeninstallation von Mathias Willvonseder Foto: Markus Scholz

Exhibition “World Views. From the Globe to Globalisation”

Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends supports exhibition of the Leopoldina Centre for Science Research in cooperation with the Ernst – Haeckel – House of the Friedrich – Schiller – University Jena. Display cases with celestial globe (1875), lunarium (1885), metereological terrestrial globe (1907), electric globe clock (1930) and lunar globes (1963/1977). Photo: Markus Scholz Globe

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Ausstellung "Salutem et Felicitatem!" 2013 Grußwort Sebastian Remelé Foto: Andand Anders

Exhibition: “Salutem et Felicitatem!”

The year 2012 was marked by two anniversaries of the Leopoldina: the 360th anniversary of the founding of the Academy in 1652, and on the 7th of August 1687, 325 years ago, Emperor Leopold I. granted special privileges to the scholarly society and thus became the patron saint of the society, from there on known

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Porträt von Altpräsident Professor Dr. Volker ter Meulen 2013 Horst Dietz, Volker ter Meulen, Uwe Pfeifer und Jörg Hacker (von links). Foto: Markus Scholz.

Portrait of former President Prof. Dr Volker ter Meulen

In a centuries-old tradition, all late presidents of the Leopoldina are portrayed by an important artist of their time. Ter Meulen’s portrait was painted by the artist Uwe Pfeifer Horst Dietz, Volker ter Meulen, Uwe Pfeifer and Jörg Hacker (from left). Photo: Markus Scholz.

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