Darwin-Plakette 2009 Prof. ter Meulen überreicht Prof. Pääbo die Darwin-Plakette. Foto: Markus Scholz/ Leopoldina

Prof. Dr Svante Pääbo receives Darwin Badge

The Darwin Badge of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina was awarded to the Swedish molecular biologist and palaeogeneticist Prof. Dr Svante Pääbo, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, on the 25th of November. Leopoldina president Prof. ter Meulen presents the Darwin Badge to Prof. Dr Svante Pääbo Photo: Markus Scholz

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Ankauf des Nachlasses von Otto Kleinschmidt 2009 Der schriftliche Nachlass von Otto Kleinschmidt Bild: Markus Scholz/ Leopldina

Purchase of the estate of Otto Kleinschmidt

The transfer of the entire written estate of Otto Kleinschmidt (1870-1954), an important member of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, was officially honoured on the 17th of November 2009 with a lecture event and the opening of an exhibition in the Academy buildings in Halle. Written estate of Otto Kleinschmidt Photo: Markus Scholz /

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Gedenkstele 2009 Der Vorsitzende des Leopoldina Freundeskreises, Dr.-Ing. Horst Dietz, und der Präsident der Leopoldina, Prof. Dr. Volker ter Meulen, enthüllen die Gedenkstele. Foto: Markus Scholz/ Leopoldina

Memorial Stele for the Victims of National Socialism

On the initiative of the Presidium of the  National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and generously supported by the Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends reg. ass, a memorial stele in the inner courtyard of the Academy buildings in Halle (Saale) commemorates the Academy members who were killed in concentration camps during the National Socialist regime. The

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