Bausch-Stipendiat 2018: Mattia Mantovani

Bausch – Scholarship Laureate 2018: Mattia Mantovani

It is endowed with 5,000 € and named after the Academy's founder Johann Lorenz Bausch.

The scholarship is aimed at young scholars working in the field of the history of science, in the narrower as well as the broader sense. This year, the awardee is Mattia Mantovani.


His project is called “Finalism and mechanicism in early modern medicine and science:The case of the Academia Naturae Curiosorum”.

This project deals with a classic topic in the history of early modern medicine and science. Through the interpretation of case studies, Mattia Mantovani will examine the topics with which early modern physicians and natural scientists dealt in the first scientific journal of the western world (the Leopoldina). In doing so, he wants to show above all in what way certain philosophical theories emerged in a concrete scientific context.


Laureate 2018: Mattia Mantovani

Mattia Mantovani studied philosophy (i.e. here: history of ideas) in Pisa and submitted his doctoral thesis on Descartes and his theory of perception at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2018, entitled “The Eye and the Ideas: Descartes on the Nature of Bodies”.

The ceremonial presentation of the Bausch Scholarship will take place at the members’ assembly of the Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends reg. ass. at the end of October.