Schweinfurt 2009 Horst Dietz, Gudrun Grieser, Reinhold Ewald (von rechts) Foto: Stefan Pfister

Schweinfurt – The ISS – Europe’s Space Station

Few people have experienced what Reinhold Ewald can tell us about at first hand. As an astronaut on the ISS, he flew to the MIR space station in 1997 to conduct scientific experiments: “On board the MIR space station, questions were researched that mainly had to do with the condition of astronauts under weightlessness. In many ways, this is similar to the situation of patients in bed or patients with bone loss on Earth. Small advances here, coming from space, could bring immense benefits to patients on Earth.”



Horst Dietz, Gudrun Grieser, Reinhold Ewald
Photo: Stefan Pfister