Rekonstruktion des historischen Ritualraums 2017 Neun mit Maurerschurz bekleidete Putti in Reigen um Globus, als "Weltumspannende Bruderkette"

Reconstruction of Historic Ritual Room

After the former building of the Masonic Lodge “Zu den Drei Degen” , erected 1824 - 1887, was handed over to the city of Halle (Saale) in the 1930s, the vast majority of the lodge's objects were removed; only a single ritual room has been preserved, but its original painting has disappeared under a coat of white paint.


As a ritual room of the V. and VI. degrees, it is of great art-historical significance. Thus, the construction of the ritual rooms of the higher degrees was only permitted in selected places, and the number of Freemasons who received these degrees was relatively small. The richly detailed frescoes and wall paintings of the ritual room were painted over in the course of later use and were restored by the restorer Dr phil. Gerhard Richwien in several restoration phases, financed by the Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends reg. ass..

Nine putti dressed in mason’s aprons in a round dance around a globe, as a “world-spanning chain of brothers”.

Sixteen-pointed Star – Light Symbol.