Freundeskreis unterstützt den Ankauf von historischen Büchern 2012 Bild der Historischen Bücher, welche im Rahmen der Jahresveranstaltung am 01. September an die Leopoldina Bibliothek übergeben wurden Foto: Markus Scholz

Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends supports the acquisition of historic books

When the four physicians Johann Lorenz Bausch, Johann Michael Fehr, Georg Balthasar Metzger and Georg Balthasar Wohlfahrth founded the Academia Naturae Curiosorum in the Free Imperial City of Schweinfurt in 1652, which later received the name Leopoldina, they wanted to "explore nature [...] for the glory of God and the benefit of mankind". To this end, an ambitious programme was drafted, which was to systematically describe all objects of nature useful in medicine.

Picture of the historical books that were handed over to the Leopoldina Library during the annual event on the 1st of September Photo: Markus Scholz