Annual event of the Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends 2018

On the 30th of October, the Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends invited its members and interested guests to this year's annual event.

The Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends reg. ass. pursues the goal of supporting and promoting the science and research of the Leopoldina ideally and materially. The Board cordially invites you to this year's annual event of the Leopoldina Academy Circle of Friends reg. ass. on the topic “Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker and his work in his time”. The event will begin at 6 pm.

In the first part of the event you will see excerpts from the film “Kreisgang”, which von Weizsäcker's daughter, the historian Dr Elisabeth Raiser, conceived and realised in a project that took many years to complete. The film features personalities with whom Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker worked during his time. This will be followed by a panel discussion on this topic.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you there.

The annual members’ assembly will take place before the annual event. In this context, the 2018 Johann Lorenz Bausch Scholarship awardee Mattia Mantovani will speak about his research on “Finalism and mechanicism in early modern medicine and science. The case of the Academia Naturae Curiosorum”.

The programme for the annual event can be found here as a PDF:

Ullrich Bewersdorff (1920-2008), Leopoldina-Archiv, N66 Nr. 111

Ullrich Bewersdorff (1920-2008), Leopoldina Archive N66 Nr. 111